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As a hosting customer, how do I transfer files to my website?
Last Updated 9 years ago

As you are in control of all the files for your website, it is likely that you already have FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software that enables you to access a remote server and upload your files so that they can be viewed from your domain name.

If you do not have FTP software, there is a range of free and premium FTP software available from

To access your site via FTP, use the hostname (or or whatever) the username and the password provided to you in your welcome message. The FTP service is accessed through the default port number: Port 21.

When logged in with FTP navigate to the /public_html directory. This is where you will need to place your files for them to be accessible on the internet.

You can now upload your website files.

In Summary

Username: As provided with your hosting details.
Path: /public_html
Port 21
Password: As provided with your hosting details.

For FrontPage Users Only

FTP publish path:

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