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What are my email account settings?
Last Updated 9 years ago

You can find the all the possible configuration settings for your email by clicking here (you need to do this to get the name of the incoming/outgoing servers even if you intend to follow the recommendations below).

There are a confusing array of options, so we recommend the following options from the list:

  • For incoming mail use IMAP rather than POP3.  Use IMAP on port 993 with secure connection (also known as TLS and SSL) enabled.
  • For outgoing mail use SMTP on port 587 with secure connection (also known as TLS and SSL) enabled.

IMAP synchronizes the contents of your mailbox with the server.  If you create a new folder and move a message into the new folder from your inbox, this also happens on the server.  This means that you can use more than one computer (simultaneously if you want) to access your mailbox via IMAP (and also by webmail if you wish) and each sees the same view.  POP3 is far more primitive and does not permit this kind of multiple access.

Although most mail clients default to using SMTP on port 25 for outgoing mail we strongly recommend port 587.  If you use port 25 you may find you cannot send mail when using a WiFi hotspot or tethering your laptop to a mobile phone.

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