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Is Spam/Virus Scanning Active on my Email?
Last Updated 9 years ago

By default, all accounts have spam, virus and bad content scanning enabled.

Messages that contain viruses or certain virus-like files are halted and quarantined. Virus definitions are updated regularly.

E-mails are also scanned for bad content such as links to known phishing sites and suspiciously named files.

Messages that hit a normal number of spam rules are marked with a spam score and held. Messages that hit a large number of spam rules are marked with a high spam score and also held.

This is the default setup - if legitimate messages being caught is becoming a larger concern, it is possible to allow the delivery and tagging of normal scoring spam and/or high scoring spam. This can then optionally be filtered using e-mail client rules, such as those in Outlook Express. Contact us to find out more about this.

The progress of our spam scanning engine is frequently monitored and tweaked. The rules are constantly reviewed and upgraded, along with automated message scanning and learning technologies.

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